mercredi 25 juillet 2012


I have many problems with my inventory :/
Okay well NEWS ITEMS , from .Vect ....
Hair:  !lamb. Wild at Heart (Mesh) by Lamb Bellic
Skin: !Rebah shop closed :(
My Shape :My own others shapes NicoTeenLove via Marketplace
Lolas:Retextured by Morgan adamski♥
Panties: Linc by Ck Winx New !
Tat face: .Vect/ Warpaint whiskerz by nia.smithson New !
Piercings Face : by my sexy babeh Reeann Frost ♥ Best
Ears: Aitui
Jack :[EY:NO] My Cute Shrug  (black)
Scarf: :)(: Sandy Scarf Black

you want a good photographer? contact Stumi Resident 300L picture :o
and very sexy avy Stumi *
exemple pic♥♥

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